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For both of us, our childhood memories are full of playing sport with our family surrounded by the fun and laughter it entailed. After meeting at a sports club, getting married and having children, we enjoy recreating the same lively, active lifestyle for our family. Together, with the rest of the team at Jungle HQ, we love bringing that fun, energy and excitement into your family lives.

Established in 2003, Jungle Sports is a large player in the Australian children’s sports field, however, we hope that you find us friendly and responsive to speak to. We are focused on providing children with the best start in life and eager to equip parents with the ability to do just that.


My mum would wait on the kerb, cricket bat in hand, for me to come home from school and play in the nets until sunset. Back then I took it for granted that all parents were like this. However now as a parent myself I can see that it was her unbridled love for a healthy happy family that meant she put in hours of exercise-based fun with me. Mix that with a father that would spend tireless hours taking and supporting me with cricket as well as basketball, tennis, football and hockey as a child and you have the best possible introduction to a sport-filled upbringing.

From these early years, sport has continued to be an integral part of my life. From playing first grade cricket in Perth, I went on to play hockey for Western Australia and spent two years at WAIS. The Jungle Sports program is created by combining this high level of sporting experience with input from developmental specialists. 

I have been fortunate to align my career with my passion of sport. I ran the sales and marketing for an Australian hockey company before moving abroad to London to run their UK office. I then moved to become General Manager of a premier adult swim school in the City of London before returning to the shores of Australia with three women in tow.


In the colder climes of England, my family summers were spent playing a range of sports with my mum leading the charge. At school or at clubs, I was always involved in different activities – tennis, hockey, soccer, various types of dance, horse riding, cycling. What I lacked in skill, I made up with enthusiasm; having fun and making friends were what mattered to me. 

Whilst my career is in Investment Banking, I still play hockey, tennis and practise yoga and pilates (children and work permitting!). Playing sport has provided me with confidence, communication skills and a regular demonstration that hard work (be it in sport or life) provides results. These are all things that have been invaluable in my career in the male-dominated finance industry in London; the regular stress-relief it provides has been much needed too!

I am grateful that my parents encouraged me to play a range of sports and activities for as long possible, both to avoid being pigeon-holed too early as well as nurturing a “give it a try” mentality.

As you can see, this early introduction fostered an ongoing love of sport right into adulthood; something we try to instil in our own daughters and are excited to share with you and your little superstars.

It is important that children’s first interactions with sport is a positive one, to keep them motivated in their healthy lifestyle and it’s around this ethos that Jungle Sports is built. The Jungle Sports family of Gamekeepers, development staff and partners are committed to bringing the local community high quality, high energy sessions every week!

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