Are you a passionate, driven person that wants to work in sport?

Do you want to work FOR yourself but not BY yourself? 

Are you motivated by seeing the next generation develop? Being part of the “eureka” moment when a child learns a new skill for the first time?

Perhaps you are looking for the elusive work-life balance? Searching for a job where you dictate the schedule? How about one that is so child-friendly, you can bring your kids to work whenever you want!

If so, a Jungle Sports franchise could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for! 

Jungle HQ are looking for passionate, driven people to join and grow business. All Perth areas come with at least one (usually more) active venues in operation. Providing you with immediate cashflow, clients and brand presence. 

We are actively looking for people in the following locations:

  • Perth – North (North of Sorrento)
  • Perth – South (South of Parmelia)
  • Perth – South of River
  • Perth – East 
  • Adelaide
  • UK

Why should I choose Jungle Sports?

> Low cost:
Jungle Sports is a low investment, with no storefront, minimal stock, low overheads and large revenue opportunities.
It offers one of the lowest entry costs ways to own your own, successfully operating business

> Cashflow positive:
The #1 reason start-ups fail is cashflow. At Jungle Sports, you receive payments upfront, maintaining positive cashflow.
Jungle Sports provides a diverse stream of revenue potential – term time classes; daycare incursions; parties; events; holiday camps.

> Brand recognition:
Jungle Sports is a known and well-liked brand. We’ve been operating in children’s sport development for 17 years! We have a proven business format and a complete operating system.
Jungle Sports is already active at venues across Perth, with a stream of holiday / event bookings and incursions. These are ready and waiting for the right franchisee to step into.

> Team culture:
Maybe we’re biased… but we think the team at Jungle HQ are pretty great. We’re a bunch of enthusiastic, energetic people that want to promote sport to all children and make their first interactions with exercise fun!
As a family-owned business, we like to look after our team. We’ll be there celebrating with you when you open a new venue, to helping out if you’re sick and need a coach to cover a class.

> Training and support:
There is comprehensive, in-person training. For WA, SA and UK, we will come to you.
We are constantly available for ongoing assistance. Your success is our success.

> Fun & flexibility
Teaching children new skills, being active most of the day – what a fun, reward way to make a living!
A Jungle Sports franchise enables you to pick your schedule to what suits you. Have young kids? Set up a holiday camp and a week of their school holiday activities is sorted!
As you grow, you won’t be able to run all of the classes yourself. Perhaps you want to start off with someone else covering certain days? Hire in someone help. We can help with that too, if you want.
Be in business for yourself, but not buy yourself

What is Jungle Sports looking for in a franchisee?

– A love of sport/exercise and children.
– If you’re planning on coaching – it certainly helps to be loud, confident and energetic.
– Someone who is / wants to plug into their local community
– The drive to grow the business
– An open communicator, who tells us what they need, market feedback etc
– Happy to work within a system
– Capital to set up (all-in cost of $20-30k, including equipment, training etc)

What's involved with running a franchise?

The main areas are:
– Coaching
– Operations / Finance
– Marketing

Once you’ve finished training, as you’re building up your business, you might want to do all of your own coaching. This gives you face-to-face interaction with your customers and really gives you a feel for how your business operates.
However, if you want to be a bit more hands-off, or just want a well-deserved break – hire coaches to cover your classes. At Jungle HQ, we have a network of trained coaches to call on and ready to help, just let us know.

Jungle HQ has a fantastic Operations System that each franchise area plugs straight into. All bookings, data and payments are run through it. As the franchisee, you have full access to your area’s system, that you can access from anywhere. Whilst giving you the comfort of knowing it’s all safely operating in the background 24/7.

Part of growing your business is letting the market know that you’re here, and listening to what your ideal customers are looking for. We have an in-house Marketing team at Jungle HQ, here to guide and help build out your business together. Plus we love hearing feedback about what your clients want, and how we can implement new strategies to assist

Is franchising my only option?

Not at all. We want the right people on our team and offer flexibility to attract and retain the best talent.

Maybe you want to start off as an employee, running an area? Or have part ownership of a franchise, with us part owning too?
We are open to discuss options. Get in touch and we can talk through options

If you’re interested in just coaching, get in touch at our employment page
As we’re expanding year-on-year, we’re often looking for new coaches. Whether it be a senior coach, junior coach or work experience, get in touch!

I'm interested, what do I do now?

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We will then be in touch with you to discuss this fantastic opportunity.

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