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Can I join in the fun with my child?

Yes, you can! It’s all about the Jungle family! 
Throughout the Jungle Journey, parents will frequently be participating with the child. Research has shown that this interaction reinforces a comfortable play environment that is essential for your child to develop efficiently. 
As the children progress, the amount of parental interaction will slightly reduce. However, we strongly recommend that parents or guardians are on hand at all sessions to lend support and encouragement to their child.
We are more than happy for you to bring younger siblings to the sessions.  They can either stay at side of court in prams, or if they are small enough to be held, then this is also fine.  We do request that they are adequately supervised and do not run around on the court during the sessions.

Do programs run in all weather?

Jungle Sports sessions are held all year round. Each session is held indoors, no matter what the weather, the kids will be dry, safe, and have a ball!

Can I change classes?

Yes! You can change classes at any point throughout the term. This may be because your Superstar is ready to go up to the next class or you have simply moved locations to be closer to home or with other friends and parents.

Do you have trial classes?

Yes we do! If you would like to have a trial class ($10) then you can simply enrol online or call Jungle HQ on 1300 383 050.
Experience has taught us that children between the ages of 18mths and 5yrs feel a little insecure coming into a new environment (which is a very normal process of child development). The purpose of  Jungle Sports is to gently introduce children into sport. The process of settling in to the new environment for this young age can take some children a few weeks.
We have many options if your child does not take to the programs in the initial few weeks of term.

Do the children play ‘real’ sports?

Most definitely.  At this young age, it is important for children to learn the essential skills and techniques in a fun situation, before they venture into the team sport environment. By enhancing their gross motor skills first, they will have a good head start in their sporting development. Being indoors ensures the children have less distractions and are better focused for the entire session. The children will play five sports in Terms 1 & 3 and four sports in Term 2 & 4 finishing off with the Multi Sport Olympics in week 9 of every term. For all sessions, they will be using real balls and equipment which gives the superstars the ability to learn and explore the sport in more depth whilst keeping the variety throughout the terms.

What is the cost and can I join mid-term?

You can join Jungle Sports up to 6 weeks into the term depending on availability.  You only need to pay for the weeks remaining in the term. To find out how much Jungle Sports is from now, go to our booking pages for the session you would like to attend. A prorated term’s price is contained in the booking form for your session.
Joining mid-term is easy, simply fill out the booking form as normal and the pro-rata price will already be ready for payment. 

What if my child is sick or we go away on holiday or the car breaks down on the way to the Jungle?

Fear not, you are more than welcome to attend any corresponding session at any other Jungle venue in Australia on another day. As long as it is in the same term and you notify Jungle HQ before you head down. If you know you will be away more than 2 weeks and can let us know in advance, we are always happy to accommodate members’ needs.

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