Providing Flexibility During COVID 19

child playing t-ball with mum

For the time being…. The fun and games are continuing at Jungle Sports.

We are offering the following, to be as flexible as possible for you during this rapidly-changing time. 

What are we doing regarding classes?

  • For as long as schools remain open, classes are running
  • If schools close, we will cancel all classes / camps during that time until they reopen.
  • If classes / camps are cancelled, we will provide you with a full refund for any classes that are within the closure period.
  • If your usual venue closes, but schools are still open, we will run in a nearby venue (maybe outdoors).
  • If you choose to take your child out whilst classes / camps are still running, we completely understand. We will happily provide a Credit to a following term / holiday camp
  • If you want to cancel / postpone a party booking, we will provide a full refund, including deposit.
  • In offering so much flexibility, we just ask that you remember us when things get back to the new normal.

The element of routine and getting kids active is so important. They pick up on the stresses and concerns of the world around them, especially now. Jungle Sports is here to keep bringing a sense of fun, activity and routine to their day. We are looking at ways to continue this if classes are to stop and will soon be asking your feedback on these suggestions.


Term 2

Enrolments for Term 2 will be going live on our website tomorrow at the following link. We are hoping to run as many classes as we can during this period.

As we outlined if we are forced to pause classes due to a shutdown of the school system then any classes that fall within this period will be refunded in full back to you.


Finally, as updates are ever evolving and changing in this scenario, we ask all parents to try and keep a level of normality if we can. Our little superstars are going through a lot of change over this period of time and we want to try and keep routines there, if at all possible.

From everyone here at Jungle Sports, thank you again for your on-going support. To see how we’re mitigating the spread of COVID-19, please see this post

Now back to the stretching & running….

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